FPI down on Redskins as questions remain following offseason changes

Washington Redskins NFL Game, ESPN’s Football Power Index loves the NFC East — but that appears to be one reason they might not be high on the Washington Redskins. The Redskins rank 22nd in the still-too-early preseason rankings and last in the division. Yet FPI still has them winning at least seven games, which means they have a chance, with a few breaks, to do better. But it also speaks to this: Despite (and probably because of) numerous changes, there are lingering questions that limit outside optimism over the Redskins.

Washington Redskins NFL Game

Washington Redskins NFL Game

In his defense, he did try to rectify the problem, changing holds and looking at how other running backs were carrying the football. It wasn’t enough, thus being the reason other running backs like Kelley and newcomer Perine rose to the forefront.

Jones had his moment. His ascension to becoming starting running back was a flash of excitement. He arose from the shadows of former Redskins running back Alfred Morris. The transition was quick, quiet, and now proven to be premature.

The Redskins would be wise to let him go. If not, then put together a deal that benefits everyone. There’s no reason to have Matt Jones around if he’s not going to be used.

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Can Terrelle Pryor spark some down field bravery in Cousins? Cousins averaged approximately eight yards per pass last season. He completed 67 percent of his passes thrown, so getting the ball out and to the desired targets isn’t the issue. This is about getting confident in the deep pass downfield and believing in the receivers. Pryor helps that.

For me, Pryor is the X-factor for the 2017 season. When you hear about player making the transition from quarterback to wide receiver, rarely is it successful. Pryor is the exception as he posted a 1,000-yard season at receiver. Are you kidding me? Consider it risk or promise of things to come.




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